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What is Snappy Tag?

Snappy Tag is an innovative product which takes the hassle out of labelling clothes. Snappy Tags is similar to a small button and very simple to use. Just push, click and the tag is applied.

Why use Snappy Tag?

“I’d highly recommend Snappy Tags – and so would my mum – mainly because she HATES sewing!”

Download Manual

Snappy Tags are so easy to apply – please click on the Download User Guide button below for full details.

Snappy Tags – the one click method for labelling clothes


School Uniforms

label school uniforms and exercise kit in seconds.

Care Homes

a simple solution for labelling relatives clothes.

Cruise Ships

Great for crew uniforms and laundry.

Holiday Rentals

a discreet and cost effective method for labelling linen.

Out of School Clubs

never lose goggles or brownie hoodies again.


that clothes or kit needs labelling – just Snap and it’s done!

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