SnappyTag is the fastest, simplest, one snap labelling solution for clothing. The shape of a spare button this tag, once attached to your clothes, will not come off unless you remove it with the Snap Removal Tool. It’s extremely secure and guaranteed not to fall off, so no more problems or wasted time trying to identify who the garment belongs too – invaluable in the cloakroom or playground!

Great for school uniforms, work uniforms, school residential trips, brownies, cubs and other out of school activities, you can even tag soft toys – including Teddy! SnappyTag is suitable for use in domestic and industrial laundry as well as dry cleaning. We etch the name you require onto the snappy tags and deliver direct to your door. Easy and quick – the tags are applied using the Snappy applicator in a single click. Competitively priced and an absolute time saver. Great news for busy mums this summer! This specialist way of marking means that the name is guaranteed not to fade or wash off- ever!

Snappy Tags are a simple and effective way to make our busy lives feel more organised. Snappy Tags help children take more responsibility for their things. Snappy Tags are a simple way to make sure that lost property does not stay lost. The return of one expensive item of clothing or pair of trainers, is all you need to justify the cost of the tags. So make sure that anything your child takes away from home to nursery, school or at residential is clearly labelled and it will stand a much better chance of coming home again.

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Bulk Ordering

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What is Snappy Tag?

Snappy Tag is an innovative product which takes the hassle out of labelling clothes. Snappy Tags is similar to a small button and very simple to use. Just push, click and the tag is applied.

Why use Snappy Tag?

“I’d highly recommend Snappy Tags – and so would my mum – mainly because she HATES sewing!”

Download Manual

Snappy Tags are so easy to apply – please click on the Download User Guide button below for full details.

Snappy Tags – the one click method for labelling clothes


School Uniforms

Label school uniforms and exercise kit in seconds.

Care Homes

A simple solution for labelling relatives clothes.

Cruise Ships

Great for crew uniforms and laundry.

Holiday Rentals

A discreet and cost effective method for labelling linen.

Out of School Clubs

Never lose goggles or brownie hoodies again.


That clothes or kit needs labelling – just snap and it’s done!

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