Our SnappyTag Reviews!

The Snappy Tag team recently provided excellent service!
At a most distressing time, where a loved one had to suddenly move to a residential home, an on-line order followed by an email requesting an urgent delivery resulted in a Snappy Tag kit being delivered a day and a half later. Oh and the kit works brilliantly too. Well done!

Such a fantastic product and excellent customer service.
Snappy Tags want the customer to be 100% satisfied (rare to happen nowadays, so a breath of fresh air). Used for a whole academic year. None fell off. Ideal for non uniform days when I can just snap on in the morning. Plus they don’t leave a mark when taken off so child no 2 can use the same thing without knowing big brother had it first!

Snappy Tags are absolutely brilliant!
The video said it would be simple and it was. I managed to label all of my daughter’s school uniform in minutes. A truly wonderful product - Snappy Tags takes the hassle and pain out of labelling.

Worth the investment!!
I recently purchased my Snappy Tags and I can happily say I’m officially converted. So easy to do it takes minutes and they last well. Haven’t had a single one fall out yet and no signs of them coming loose or anything - feeling pretty confident they will last the year through. I’ve also found it so easy that I’ve labelled everything, used them on PE kit bags and Book Bags, coats and uniform. Probably the most time effective purchase I’ve made. I’m recommending Snappy Tags to everyone I know and getting some great compliments when I show people them.

Brilliant service. Brilliant tags.
Just what we needed for our nursing home.

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