Snappy Tag labels for Care Homes

With over 13 million items of clothing being washed every week in UK care homes, it’s no wonder residents’ clothing gets mislaid and lost. Whether it’s a name label which has fallen off leaving the garment unidentifiable, or the writing from the permanent marker used has faded leaving the name unreadable.

Step forward Snappy Tags! Increasingly care homes have seen the benefit of using Snappy Tags to label their residents’ clothing. Snappy Tags are discreet and resemble small buttons, making them comfortable and unobtrusive to the wearer. Names are permanently laser etched into the tag, ensuring that they will never fade, even in multiple harsh industrial laundry conditions. Snappy Tags are simply snapped onto the garment seam or laundry label using the Snappy Tag applicator – and although they will not fall off in the laundry process, they can be easily removed using the applicator and reapplied to a new item of clothing.

Snappy Tags can be etched with either the resident’s name or the care home room number, so depending on whether the resident has long term needs, or if they’re staying for a short period of respite, the tag works equally well.

Furthermore, as the text is marked using Permanent Etch RM laser processes we guarantee that he name won’t fade or wash off whilst being laundered. Mesh laundry bags and underwear labels are also available.

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